Standard Motorcycle

SMP leads the pack with our Standard® Motorcycle Products line. Building on our experience as a manufacturer of premium engine management replacement parts for motor vehicles, the Standard® Motorcycle Products brand was developed on a long-standing tradition of supplying original equipment quality parts known for performance and dependability. 

We’ve brought our history of value, quality and trust to our motorcycle line with broad coverage of ignition components, fuel injection parts, ignition wire sets, electrical switches and sensors. Our coverage is second to none in the aftermarket. 

Standard Motorcycle Products is committed to being the best. Whether it is spending more on research and development, or working to upgrade and expand our product line, Standard Motorcycle works hard to earn your trust and loyalty. Standard Motorcycle is devoted to giving our customers the competitive edge they need to evolve with today’s ever-changing marketplace.

That’s why we like to say, “Whether you buy it or build it, we can help you fix it.”

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