When the OE Fails, Trust Standard®

Standard® is the premier professional engine management brand in the automotive aftermarket today. With more than 45,000 products, Standard® offers a full line of premium engine management products across an array of categories including diesel, turbochargers, TPMS, VVT components and new MAF sensors.

We manufacture and distribute a full line of high-technology critical components for the vehicle’s ignition, electrical, emission and fuel systems. Key categories include ignition coil-on-plugs, ignition wire, EGR valves and solenoids, fuel injectors and related components, airbag clock springs, power door lock actuators, switches, featuring multi-function, combination, cruise control, fog lamp, power seat memory, steering wheel audio and more. Our evolving line of sensors includes camshaft and crankshaft, TPMS sensors, ABS speed, brake pad wear, brake fluid pressure, turbocharger boost, vehicle speed, YAW rate sensors and more.

Our Standard® brand enjoys tremendous recognition at the technician level.

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