Corporate Initiatives

Digital Tools Eliminate Need for Printed Buyers Guides

In the spring of 2017, Standard Motor Products made the decision to significantly reduce its printed buyers guides. With the launch of its Interactive Buyers Guides for its Standard®, BWD®, and Four Seasons® brands, SMP was able to deliver key product information in a much more environmentally friendly manner. You can view the digital tools for Standard, BWD, and Four Seasons

3D Printing Helps Eliminate Manufacturing Waste

Standard Motor Products has recently begun replacing traditionally CNC Machined parts with 3D Printed alternatives. Within the last three years, we have reduced lead time by up to 70% and costs by up to 90% while reducing manufacturing waste. SMP's streamlined process was profiled by software company Xometry. 

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SMP Introduces Alternative Energies Division

SMP Introduces Alternative Energies Division

As we celebrate our 100th year in business, we understand the meaning of business sustainability and stride to lead the way towards more efficient and environmentally safer solutions in the Transportation, Industrial and Power Generation industries. Our Alternative Energies initiative leverages years of automotive experience and expertise to develop products suitable for cleaner burning fuels or electric vehicles. Our mission is to deliver solutions to our customers that meets or exceeds customer and regulatory requirements while having a positive impact on the environment and fuel independence. You can learn more about our initative at

Waste Management & Our Efforts to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Waste Management & Our Efforts to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

At Standard Motor Products, our waste management and recycling initiatives are an important component of our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Each SMP facility undertakes a different approach to reducing waste and increasing recycling depending upon whether the operations conducted at the facility are comprised of business administration, manufacturing or distribution.  However, underlying each approach is a commitment to the principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

At all of our facilities, we seek to implement practices that result in the reduction of business waste and the recycling of materials, such as paper, plastic, glass, electronic equipment and ink cartridges, corrugated boxes, shrink wrap and other packaging materials, pallets, spools and trays, batteries, light bulbs, scrap metal and used oils, to name a few of the more common items.

We are also proud of our sustainable manufacturing processes by which previously used automotive products are returned to same-as-new, or better, condition and performance.  A process that we refer to as “remanufacturing”.  We remanufacture key product categories within our product portfolio, such as air conditioning compressors, diesel injectors and diesel pumps, resulting in the production of premium automotive products within these categories through processes that save energy and reduce waste.

We also place significant emphasis on improving our production and distribution efficiencies and asset utilization to minimize waste and improve our cost position.  We believe that our commitment to continuous improvement is a key element of our strategy to be the best-in-class, full-line, full-service supplier of premium engine management and temperature control products.