Temperature Control Division

The Temperature Control division at Standard Motor Products, Inc. (SMP), including Four Seasons®, manufactures, remanufactures and distributes a full line of replacement components for mobile climate control and cooling systems. Four Seasons® is the largest aftermarket automotive temperature control parts supplier in the industry and the largest compressor remanufacturer in the world. We supply professional-quality products for import and domestic, early and late-model vehicles and to all market channels throughout the United States and around the world.

Two key categories are new and re-engineered compressors. The compressor is the heart of every A/C system creating the pressure to move refrigerant through the other components. Other major categories engineered, manufactured and distributed by SMP’s Four Seasons® division are accumulator/filter driers, hose assemblies and fittings, blower and cooling fan motors, evaporators, expansion devices, window lift motors and washer pumps, fan clutches, transmission coolers, heater valves, water outlets and a myriad of tools, equipment and related chemicals.